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"You rotten!" Arya shrieked. She flew at her sister like an arrow, knocking Sansa down to the ground, pummeling her. "Liar, liar, liar, liar."

"All of my characters are flawed. I don’t think we have a single wholly good or wholly bad person, with the exception of Voldemort."

Maybe you don’t have to do this all by yourself, mate.

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Why do you shut the world out? What are you so afraid of?

Moonlight spilled off the polished surface of the boy’s violin as he turned to lay it down on top of the wardrobe, the bow beside it. When he turned back to her, he was smiling. I should have introduced myself earlier,” he said. “I’m James Carstairs. Please call me Jem—everyone does.”

Easy Cupcake Frosting Technique x


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aberfroth**, abernathia, acciogryffindors*, ahllisonargent, aillsonargent, alaskayoung*, allisonarqents, annieodeir, annieshope, anotherwillgrayson*, argentless**, aryastakres, asradiantasthesun*, avoxh, ayrastark, bahtmun*, bakrerstreet**, barathion, beautrisprior, braveprior, braverdeen, brookenlawrence*, burningnights, caflin, capitolsavox, capitolsfury, castielsnows, catchingfiring, catchingrue, cersai, cersaii, chudleycanon*, cinnasghost, cinnasownmockingjay, clalfin**, claraoswaldl, clnna**, coldplayh, corrnucopia*, crestadeen**, crestaes**, criesta, cromwyll, cumbaebatch, daenerystornborn, dane-dehaan**, darklordt, deadpadfoot*, deadvictors*, deahaans, deathlyhalowes, dedducer, diagonsalley, divergert, dobbyfreelf*, donnermaysilee, dracoi**, drxco,

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effeytrinket, effietrlnket, evangelicaled, everafterdeen**, everlarkers, ewerlark, feinnick, ffleurdelacour*, fiinnick, finncki, finnicki*, finnickodaier, finnicksodairs, finnicksstrident, finnickswand, finniqe, fireisscatching, firesarecatching, flowerdeen, foreverlarking*, fourfinickgalesbomb*, gameofwolves, gendyra, goldenshroud, greyjoing*, gryffindour, gwenstasyhagridspumpkin*, harondale, hawthornc, hawthorrn, hazalgracelancaster, hazelgracer, hediwig*, heycresta, hijacked-peeta*, hobriens*, hufflelpuff, hutchifiedibuildmyself, imjoffrey, incendeo, itsgreyjoyjabbberjay, jabberjais, jamespotte*, jojenreads, juleanblackthorn, julesblackthorneskahniss*, kawtniss**, killedbythecareers*, knockturnallley*,

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lannisteire, lawrince**, ldyiastilinski, levicrpus*, lgorkarkaroff*, lilypottar*, lilyslunas, loganlerman*, lognslermns, lordsnov, lunalovegoed, lupinpotter, lydiamartinh, lydiamartiv, lydiamartsmaradeur, maraudars**, margaerstyrell, mauraders, mcalls*, mccahlls, melisamccalls, mellarkat, mellarkish, meowllark, mockingdream*, mockingjaypart1, mockingjays, mockingkiss, msmelark*, mxcall, mydraco*, natasharvmanoff, naughtilydormer, nedstaark*, neklaceofrope*, notprimobereyn, odaenerys, odairible, odairose, odairse, odalr, ofinnicky, oflerman, ohbuttercup, ohcedric, ohenobaria**, ohpercy, ollivandres*, paneem, patronuscharm, peetababy, peetamellarkes, peetaspaintedmemories*, perksofbeingafanboy*, plutarks, pmellark, potters*, pottersir, potterson, primrosev, primruse, primses, prrim

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"Drogon," she sang out loudly, sweetly, all her fear forgotten. "Dracarys."

"Just to get a job is always really exciting to me. I do feel there’s a lot left for me to learn about movies, the subtleties of acting."